Time has come to unite to completely eradicate terrorist networks: PM Modi

PM Narendra Modi on receiving Seoul Peace Prize: This award does not belong to me personally but to the people of India, the success India has achieved in the last 5 years, powered by the skill of 1.3 billion people. I am honoured that this award is being conferred on me in the year that we celebrate the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. A few weeks before the Seoul Olympics(1988), an organization called Al-Qaeda was formed. Today, radicalization and terrorism have become global and are the biggest threats to world peace and security. Time has come to join hands and unite to completely eradicate terrorist networks. Only by doing so can we replace hate with harmony. I would like quote a portion of the 1988 Olympics Theme Song, as it captures the hopeful spirit for a better tomorrow for all- 'Hand in hand, we stand, all across the land, we can make this world, a better place in which to live'  
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