Vidya Balan shares a painting of a strong and unapologetic woman on International Woman’s Day

Today, on the occasion of International Women's Day, Bollywood actress Vidya Balan wrote down a beautiful note in Instagram which is truly inspirational. She shared a painting of a strong and unapologetic woman . Here's what Vidya Balan wrote:

"#HappyWomensDay to me and to you ...and to us all! #ItsTime to #EmbraceYourself .... starting today if you’ve never done it before...#ItsTime to love yourself body,mind & soul.. just the way you are! Lets Not wait to become thinner or fairer or smarter or hotter or cooler or richer or more successful or anything that you are not already...before you can #LOVE yourself.#ItsTime to say goodbye to every judgement that makes you feel lesser and #ItsTime to say #YouCanLeaveNow to the inner critic who says #ImAmNotGoodEnough .#ItsTime to know that there’s no need to become the best version of yourself.You are the best you can be today...and 2mrw is another you will be the best you can be 2mrw too.Best Not in comparison to anyone else.Just #TheBestYou...cuz how can there be a Best in a world of individuals !??.This picture inspired me to write this post so thank you @glowinggoddessgetaway.If you agree with me and feel like you want to sharesomething ,please use the #ItsTime and tag me.Here’s to #SelfLove today & everyday️.....!!"
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