Noida is growing as a big hub for Make In India: PM Modi

PM Narendra Modi in Greater Noida: To improve connectivity from here, the country's biggest airport is being constructed in Jewar. All formalities regarding this decision are complete. Before 2014, there were just two mobile phone manufacturing factories in the country. Today approximately 125 factories are making mobile phones in the country, and out of those 125, many are in Noida. Earlier, Noida was known for various land scams. Today Noida is known for the new development opportunities. Noida is growing as a big hub for Make In India. Uttar Pradesh is changing. Links of attacks and blasts earlier also were connected to Pakistan, but what did the earlier Govt do? They just changed the Home Minister. Now you tell me, in such situations should the home minister be changed or the policy? Jiski ragon mein Hindustan ka khoon hai, usko shaq hona chahiye kya?... Jo Bharat Maa ki jai bolta hai, usko shaq hona chahiye kya? Ye shaq karne wale log kaun hain? Aise logon ki baaton pe bharosa karoge kya?
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