Amit Shah slams Rahul Gandhi over Pitroda’s remarks on airstrike

BJP Chief Amit Shah on Indian Overseas Congress Chief Sam Pitroda's remark on airstrike: Congress President should explain it to the nation- do you consider such heinous attack (Pulwama attack) a routine incident?. If a country shouldn't be held responsible for deeds of 7-8 people, does Congress believe that Pakistan govt & military has a connection with terror attacks here? If there is a connection,who is the culprit, Congress party should answer. If terror attacks shouldn't be responded with surgical strikes & air strikes, and should be dealt with talks, is this Congress' policy to deal with terrorism. Congress President should respond on these. Who do you (Rahul Gandhi) support? Doubting the Indian Air Force is not right for the national president of any party. You stand in support when slogans are raised against the country in JNU, and call it the freedom of expression.
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