“A-SAT missile has a range of upto a 1000 Kilometers plus”: DRDO Chairman

FLASH:DRDO Chairman GS Reddy : A-SAT missile is capable of targeting all ‘Low Earth Orbit’ (LEO) satellites.We've ability to handle LEO satellites but we've intentionally chosen at low altitudes as a responsible nation to see that all the space assets are safe&debris decayed fast.he also said that We've hit the target by ‘Kinetic kill’-that means by directly hitting the satellite.This calls for many technologies which we have developed completely indigenously in the country&we've achieved accuracy within a few centimeters…a very high level of accuracy.The NSA (Ajit Doval) whom we report to on strategic matters gave the direction to go ahead with the test and he had the concurrence from the PM. The development started a few years back and we went into mission mode in the last 6 months.In the last 6 months when the A-SAT missile program entered ‘mission mode’ level, about 100 scientists worked around the clock to reach the intended launch date target that was set.
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