PM Modi and Akshay Kumar’s interaction at 7 Lok Kalyan Marg

PM Narendra Modi and Akshay Kumar’s interaction at 7 Lok Kalyan Marg. PM Narendra Modi during interaction with Akshay Kumar, speaks on if he ever thought that one day he will become the Prime Minister. In what is dubbed a "non-political interview", Prime Minister Narendra Modi has told actor Akshay Kumar that former US President Barack Obama has one question for him every time they meet: "Do you sleep more?" PM Modi has revealed this and more in the interaction broadcast on Wednesday, after the third round of voting for the national election that ends on May 19. Short teasers of the interaction were released to the media on Tuesday. "You sleep only three-four hours, a body needs at least seven, right," asks Akshay Kumar. In response, PM Modi shared this anecdote: "When President Obama met me for the first time he asked me why do you do this? Now whenever we meet he asks me have you increased the amount you slept or now?" Akshay Kumar's cryptic tweet announcing that he was "Getting into an unknown and uncharted territory, something I have never done before", had fueled speculation that he was contesting the elections. "Excited and nervous both. Stay tuned for updates," he posted, causing a frenzy on Twitter until he clarified that he was not contesting. The Prime Minister responded, saying: "Dear @akshaykumar, it was good talking to you about everything, except politics and elections 🙂 I''m sure people would like watching our conversation."
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